Who are we?

GARRA’s team of craftsmen, led by master craftsman Benjamín Rastoll, have been manufacturing quality climbing shoes in a small warehouse on the outskirts of Madrid since 2001. A selection of the finest traditional materials, together with the knowledge and skill of our expert team, goes into the making of our shoes.

Over the last two decades, almost the entire manufacturing process has moved outside the borders of Spain (mainly to France and Germany). GARRA is starting a new era in which we would like climbers from all over the world to be able to enjoy these climbing shoes made by craftsmen in collaboration with climbers.

Our aim is to create quality climbing shoes that combine quality, features and comfort at a reasonable price..

Manufacturing in Spain –at a time when most of what we use is fabricated in Asia– forms part of our principles. We strongly believe in the importance of keeping our production facilities in Europe in order to ensure that the knowledge of traditional crafts is not lost and to ensure the maintenance and creation of jobs.