Knee Pad Garra Umekomi


Easy-fit wrap-around design. The climbing knee pad is attached with three adjustable straps. Its front part is pronounced and rounded to take advantage of these small Kneebar. The posterior bend allows the leg to flex as the climber moves.

Its three aluminum buckles allow you to fasten it quickly and safely, as well as easily loosen it, even climbing. The buckle does not slip and can be tightened as much as you like; The more you pull, the more it crashes.

The UMEKOMI Climbing Knee Pad is ideal for bouldering and sport climbing on columns and sides.

Dimensions: 56 x 20 cm. One size. Black color.


The UMEKOMI climbing knee pad is 100% elastic while maintaining lightness (only 260 g). Made of stretch nobuk, resistant, durable and pleasant touch leather. It has high adhesion and density rubber to cushion peaks and edges in the most extreme kneebar, without losing touch in the most delicate ones.

Additional information

Weight 280 kg
Dimensions 0.5 × 56 × 20 cm



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Knee pad Garra Umekomi
Knee Pad Garra Umekomi