What size of Claw climbing shoes should I buy?

The Kamae is a perfect model for climbing walls and easy rock climbing. You are comfortable and should fit the foot well. Its baked rubber sole has the advantage of durability (better for climbing walls) but has less grip than the Vibram that the rest of our models carry. If you want a climbing shoe with good performance without being very technical, the Sensei model has the best of a basic climbing shoe and a technical one, because in addition to the comfortable last, this model has a Vibram sole and rear tensioner, which makes push your foot to the toe and get more feeling in your toes.

If you do sports or bouldering of medium high grade you are interested in a more technical model such as the Kime or the Kokoro. The last of these two models is the same: it changes that the Kime has a velcro adjustment and the Kokoro with laces. The size is the same as the Kamae and Sensei.

Keep in mind that being made of leather with use they give something of themselves and adapt better to the foot.

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Going back to numbering
Returning to the numbering issue, the answer is not easy. There are climbers who like to be comfortable and wear the same number as normal footwear and there are those who use up to two fewer numbers. Logically, these climbers who use climbing shoes that are several sizes smaller manage to make the climbing shoe better adapt to the foot, which is very good for doing grade, but they suffer a lot the first days.

From our point of view, these are our recommendations:

Beginner: Try your same foot size or half a size larger for safety.
Started: Try the same foot size or half a size smaller.
Expert: Try one size less than your foot size or one size and a half less.

If you still have questions you can contact us. In our team there are several climbers who can give you their opinion and answer your questions.

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